PIZZA Cooking Class


I 'll teach you the h the history and background of pizza making and you can create your first pizza with your hands with a method that is doable at home. this is a hands-on experience and you will learn all the tricks, ingredients and techniques how to make perfect dough, how to shape it and how to bake it in wooden oven.

05.30 - 06.00 p.m. arrival. Short theory explanation :basic equipment, raw materials, the dough and its leavening and maturation process.

6.00 -7.00 hands -on: opening of the dough and attempt to construct a pizza Margherita (using dough prepared about 18 hours earlier) make the sauce, cut the ingredients, build the pizza, launch it in the oven, turn it in the oven and then out

07.00-08.00 p.m. bake of your own pizza (do you it takes just 90 seconds to bake the pizza in a 500 degree wood fire oven? )and eat it.

Tasting at the table in garden your own pizza paired with beer, wine or water. Final toast and photo.

Min2-Max 8 people

Duration : 2,5 hrs(tasting included) from 05.30 to 08.00 p.m.

€63,00 per person

€53.00 children from 8 to 14 years